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  • The Two Failure Points of Marketing & Communications

    Us marketers like to over-complicate things. We do it in the service of expertise. We want to demonstrate we are super-awesome experts, and we want to be thorough. Too often, when ROI discussions come up and the inevitable metric debate...

  • Value Props Are Cool And Everything, But So What?

    Let's do a thought experiment. You need a pair of shoes. It's finally gotten to that point. Your sneakers just aren't cutting it anymore. If you're like me, you may just jump onto Amazon and find the cheapest price for...

  • The #1 Mistake I See Business Leaders Make

    I've worked closely with business leaders of all ilk for more than fifteen years—everyone from start-up entrepreneurs to the c-suite in Fortune 500 companies. And the one thing I see them stumble over consistently is not something you'd probably guess....

About Mark Havenner

I am a marketing and communications strategist with a specialized focus on brand and executive thought leadership and corporate communications. I have more than 20 years of experience aligning messages with business goals and developing myriad communications vehicles and message strategies for a lengthy roster of clients. I started a consultancy in 2021 focusing on industry leadership communications and marketing and now provides business leaders with the resources they need to get marketplace visibility through his website and blog, podcast, and consultancy.